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Where Is That Mail Pouch Barn?



My sister recently told me about a Mail Pouch barn she had seen on a ride with her husband. A Mail Pouch barn right here in Campbell County! Now I’m pretty sure I’ve shot every one in Campbell County so I went off on a mission to find it. Afterall I can’t miss an opportunity to add to my collection. She didn’t remember exactly eher it was, but was pretty sure it was on Krift Road. I did a search and couldn’t even find Krift Road in the county. I then called a friend that works for the Agricultural Extension and he told me that he knew for sure I had indeed shot that particular barn. He knew that because I had called him one Saturday from out in the county asking him to walk me through getting to it that day.

I knew I hadn’t missed one! I’m 90% sure this is the barn she was telling me about. The reason I hadn’t posted it up till now is that I really wasn’t happy with the shots from that day (31 December 2008). It was a rather gray nasty day. I thought I’d go ahead and mess with it see if I could make something decent out of the shot. The shot above is the result of about an hour of editing.

I need to make it a point to get back out there and re-shoot this barn. Shooting it from the side will reveal and American flag painted on the roof. Maybe someday soon I’ll get back out there. This will do for now!

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