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Eat Quaker Oats!


I recently traveled to Rock Island Arsenal Garrison in the middle of the Mississippi River to install an interactive display that we (White Design Studio) produced for the U.S. Army. As usual, prior to my trip I searched for any Mail Pouch barns or covered bridges along the way or near Rock Island. Apparently Illinois is a bit to far west to have a bunch of Mail Pouch barns but I did find out about a couple of Bull Durham signs on old brick buildings. Good enough for me!

I love going out to find a particular barn or sign and running across additional “finds”. In this case I ran across this old “Eat Quaker Oats” sign. This was an awesome find for me as I’ve never seen Quaker Oats advertised anywhere other than an AARP magazine of my parents or on TV in the winter time. This sign was on the lower part of a building that had an extremely faded Bull Durham Tobacco sign on it also. I found it quite ironic that something so good for you was advertised on the same building as a tobacco product.

I did end up locating the two Bull Durham signs. The first of which was between two bars. One a “biker” bar that I wondered into looking for help locating the second Bull Durham sign. Thanks to Bill and Harry for their help with directions to the second sign. I would have never thought I’d have a beer with a couple of strangers in a biker bar, but those two guys were great! Although Harry warned me that I best watch myself because, as he told me where the second sign was he mentioned, “There’s a queer bar near there”. Which I found humorous because I had just met and had a beer with him and his buddy, two biker dudes. If you had asked me prior to this trip which situation I would prefer finding myself in, I’m not sure it would have been the biker dudes version! It may sound goofy, but Bill and Harry reinforced a lesson most of us never really learn about people…. “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

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