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Video for a Cause


I usually don’t shoot video even though my Canon 5D MII shoots great HD video. I have however messed with shooting some of my favorite bluegrass bands, although I usually just “lock it off” and hit record. The audio obviously isn’t the best either, but hey the bands love it and the fans of the bands enjoy reliving the shows.

If you know me on a personal basis you know my family has lost one of our members to a heroin overdose. In response to his death, we have started a website (NKYHateHeroin.Com) that we hope will be a resource of information needed by heroin addicts and their loved ones. The response to our site has been amazing and we have learned a lot and met lots of great people fighting the same fight we have become determined to win.


So what does this mean for BluegrassPhotography.Net? Well I was asked recently to shoot some interviews of family members of those lost to heroin. Which I readily agreed to. I decided to go with a basic background and keep it simple so the message was the most important part of the video, not the effects or style. I did however decide to convert it to black and white, as it’s a very black and white subject, people die from heroin. I was afraid the people I was shooting for wouldn’t care for the black and white, but I felt strongly about it and was willing to push back hard. I didn’t have to fight for the effect because they agreed it was a good choice.

The final video was used for a recent public advocacy meeting and featured on 4 out of the 4 local networks.

If you’d like to share this video for advocacy purposes, drop me an email and I’ll do what I can to get you a DVD or digital copy.

Here’s a link to the video on Vimeo.






Dogs Days of Summer Art Fair


Looking for something to do this weekend? Visit BluegrassPhotography.Net at the 3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer Art Fair in beautiful Rabbit Hash, Kentucky! I’ve been busy wrapping lots of new canvas prints so even if you’ve been to one of my shows there will be lots of new stuff to see. And since Rabbit Hash is a great place to shoot I’ll of course have lots of photos from right there in the lazy little town on the Ohio.

Fair dates and times:
Saturday, July 28th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, July 29th, from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM

And don’t forget to pass this along to all your friends and family!

Hope to see your there!

Thank You!


Thanks to everyone that stopped by and visited during our first BluegrassPhotography.Net open house this past weekend.

Betsy and I decided to have the show at our house just a week before hand. So to say our house was pretty crazy last week would be an understatement. But after lots of help from friends and family, we pulled it all together.

I do have to specifically thank Betsy for helping me turn our house into a gallery in a week and all the food, Tom and Caroline for keeping Betsy and I in check and my Mom for helping out with the Christmas decorating. The weekend wouldn’t have been the same without their help.

In case you weren’t able to make it, you can still order photos as Christmas gifts. Take a look at my galleries and feel free to drop me an email if you see something you’d like to order.

Again, thanks to all for your continued support and encouragement!


Saint Catherine of Siena 2010 Forester Campout


I normally don’t post personal photos here on BluegrassPhotography.Net but I thought these were really great with all the kids having such a great time. So I thought I’d share.

This was the fourth Forester campout at Versailles State Park in Versailles Indiana. A great weekend of fun, food, games, and of course camping. Some tenting and some in campers. Thank God, we were in a camper as the rains came down very hard on Sunday night. Other than that, the weather was awesome!

I want to take a quick minute and thank my dear wife Betsy. She works very hard to help put the event together every year. Tom & Caroline Kaelin, Ann Farney, Father Stef, Brian Cox and others also made sure we all had a great time. If you see them…. thank them.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!