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First German Reformed Church – Cincinnati, Ohio


First German Reformed Church along Freeman Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio

I’ve been wanting to get into this Church along Freeman Avenue in downtown Cincinnati for a couple of years now. I actually went to shoot it about a year ago very early on a Saturday morning. I ended up not going in because as I approached the entrance I noticed fresh prints in the snow. As much as I enjoy shooting these old buildings, it’s not worth what may have been awaiting me in there. Of course it could have been my imagination I suppose. Still yet, I chickened out!

Having this place in the back of my mind ever since, I jumped at the chance to go shooting with another local “Abandoned” shooter. As a matter of fact this shooter happens to be a sort of a mentor of mine. I’ve appreciated his work for a while and always thought it would be great to shoot with him. After becoming FaceBook fans I would throw out the occasional comments on his shots and he asked about my stuff as well. All said and done we decided to meet up last Sunday and go shooting. I told him I had been wanting to shoot this Church for a while. Although he had shot it in the past we decided to meet up. I was excited about getting into this place. So much so that I “abandoned” my wife for part of the day… her birthday! Hopefully I made up for it later that day!

Once inside, I decided this place was worth the wait. I was surprised at the condition. Yes, it was beat up but I expected a lot more destruction. I actually only saw one bit of graffiti in the whole place. We were there about an hour, although I would like to have stayed longer. I’m not overly happy with what I came out with. I forgot to take my remote shutter release which is not a good thing in such low light and the fact that it was rather cold didn’t help the situation. I suppose I’ll just have to take another trip some time.

I want to thank my shooting friend for meeting up. I’d like to do it again sometime. I haven’t asked him about using his name so for now he’ll just have to remain a mystery.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

American Sign Museum 360°, Part Two


This is a follow-up to a recent post covering my trip to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. My original post was a test to confirm the settings and possible issues concerning 360° panoramics. The image above is a panoramic image in it’s “flattened” state.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Abandoned Factory (Peters Cartridge Company)


After a long weekend doing things I “had” to do, cutting grass, getting the camper ready for the summer, and cleaning the garage, I decided Sunday after dinner it was time to do something I “wanted” to do, shoot some photos!

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless as he would be upset that he suggested I break the law by trespassing, and he’s a “man of the cloth” to boot, told me about an abandoned factory on the Loveland Bike Trail. After some Google work I found out the factory is the remains of the Peters Cartridge Company. Here’s some information on the company: Peters Cartridge Company.

So I drive up to Loveland and get out only to find two guys standing there shooting some cellphone photos. They seemed into it so I asked if they wanted to “explore” with me. They were up for it, although the one guy seemed a bit paranoid about the many warning signs! After being “greeted” by a very nice guard dog, no kidding, we found a way in. We explored the first two floors seemingly keeping an eye on each other for safety’s sake when somewhere between the second and third floors I realized they were gone! I think the one guy talked the other into leaving! So I was on my own, although I did have my trusty (not), iPhone should something bad happen.

Waiting till after dinner turned out to be a not so good decision as the light was very harsh, although some of the shots are better with the harsh light. In general I would have preferred more even lighting so there may be a return trip in my future.

This turned out to be the “mother of all explorations” for me. I’ve seen more interesting abandoned places in the way of colors and textures, but this wins the “really huge abandoned building” award. At times I felt like I was in a submarine, yet I was quite a few floors above the ground. If you look at the tower you’ll see a set of windows right below the “P”. That’s how far I made it before I decided I was pushing my luck!

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed shooting them, and stay tuned for a return visit with better lighting conditions, and next time I’ll go to the basement!

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Fort Thomas Abandoned House


Usually I have to drive for miles and sometimes hours to find a new abandoned house. So when I found this one 4 houses away from my own home I had to shoot it. An abandoned house in Fort Thomas is a rarity so I had to shoot this one.

To be honest, this house isn’t abandoned but it certainly looks like it. Betsy tells me, after talking to a Fort Thomas fireman, that the owners have tried to sell this place for quite a while. Not sure if it’s the economy or the fact that they have an indoor pool but apparently they have given up selling and decided to tear it down and re-build. The Fort Thomas fire department has been up there cutting holes in the walls and the roof and doing their own version of destruction. I assume they have been given permission to perform training there.

After I got back from shooting Michael asked me if the pool had rounded corners so he could skateboard in it. I told him that I had better not find out he’s been in there because he could get busted for trespassing. His response, “So dad, how did you get these pictures?”. I hate it when my kids put me in my place!

If you have any insight into the history of this house I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Images of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky


This is a gallery of mixed images from the local area that I have collected. They are from various dates and events with the only they have in common is that I captured them within 10-15 miles from home. There is a real wide variety of images here, everything from the inside of the Hofbrauhaus in Newport to a Balloon Glow at Coney Island.

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

United States Air Force Museum


Since I was in the Air Force (many years ago) I’ve always had a passion for aircraft. And since my son lives in Dayton I thought I’d make a trip to the Air Force Museum. I lived across the street from here many years ago and rarely went while stationed there.

Here’s a group of shots I took in a quickie run through the museum. All panoramics so they each took a while which explains the small gallery.

See them all here. Enjoy!