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Pennies For Pickle Video


A very special thanks to all of our supporters who collected Pennies For Pickle! Our family had a great time yesterday tallying the pennies. Here’s a video we put together of our counting session… Enjoy


My Own Mail Pouch Barn (Kind Of)


IMG_7735-blog IMG_7738-blog

My oldest child just became my favorite!

If you know me or anyone in my family, you know we’ve had a rough past month. If you don’t know us please visit NKYHatesHeroin.Com and you’ll understand what we’ve gone through and how we’re responding to it.

So I go back to my oldest child, Chris. Chris could have taken care of at least 5 birthdays, and a couple of Christmases worth of presents if he had kept this from me. But instead he told me a while back that City BBQ in Hyde Park (Chris works for City BBQ) was soon going to be closing. Since I had been to the Hyde Park location I knew they had a painting of a Mail Pouch Barn on their wall. I wanted it! I’m sure if you ask Chris he’ll tell you I’d driven him nuts by calling at least once a week asking if he knew when the store was going to close. So about a week ago I get a call from him telling me he’d asked about the painting and he’d been told they decided to move it to their new store opening out in Cold Spring by Northern Kentucky University. I was upset to say the least!

Then a day later he told me he had talked to them again about the painting and they decided not to use it in the new store. Sweet!

So Chris told me I had to get it on September 11 or 12. Needless to say I was in the store on the 11th scoping out my plan of attack. I looked over the situation and decided to come back on the 12th and remove the painting. A screw gun, prybar and and a hammer would be all I needed. Let me tell you whoever put that barn siding up must have been a farmer that has built barns in the past because it took over an hour to get it off the wall! I know there were over 150 screws. I get an hour for lunch and I used every bit of it plus some to get from work, teardown the siding, load the truck and back. And I was sweating, dirty and smelled bad! To top it off, I had a client meeting at 3:00.

All said and done, I have my very own Mail Pouch Barn! Needless to say, Betsy is a bit concerned about the whole thing. I came home from work, unloaded and started pulling nails out. I wanted so bad to see it again I decided to lean it up against the house, which didn’t make her all to happy, but I must say that I had at least a half dozen people stop and ask about it.

I haven’t decide yet what I’m going to do with my Mail Pouch Barn, I can only assume it’s going to be displayed in the basement, I don’t know why, but that seems to be the only place Betsy will allow it.

Christopher has made my day, my month. If you know me you’ll understand and if you don’t, you’ll think I’m a goofball, but this is so very cool to me. Thanks Chris!

If you’re like me and appreciate the “Days Gone By” with family rides out in the country seeing the old barn advertising then you’ll appreciate my Mail Pouch Barn galleries.

Highlands High School Girls Varsity Soccer – 08-22-2011


I shot my boy’s soccer games for close to 10 years collecting an image library of thousands upon thousands of shots. After shooting all those soccer games one would think I’ve had my share of soccer but when a friend of mine asked me to shoot the Highlands varsity girls I jumped right on it. Of course I didn’t realize it was an 8:00 pm game! Nothing like testing the old skills under the lights. Shooting at night really boosts my respect for pro sports shooters. For those of you with any understanding of photography, I was shooting a good part of the second half at ISO 2500. Thanks to Canon’s CMOS sensor on my 5D Mark II there wasn’t a huge grain (noise) issue. Though it’s not the fastest Canon for sports, the full-frame helps with tighter crops. So much for the photography mumbo-jumbo. I try to keep my blog on the lighter side, without a bunch of technical junk, so sorry for getting off topic!

I hope to get to some additional games this season, so if you or someone you know has any interest in me shooting for “your” team, drop me an email and if I have the time available I’d love to shoot some more games.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Saint Catherine of Siena 2010 Forester Campout


I normally don’t post personal photos here on BluegrassPhotography.Net but I thought these were really great with all the kids having such a great time. So I thought I’d share.

This was the fourth Forester campout at Versailles State Park in Versailles Indiana. A great weekend of fun, food, games, and of course camping. Some tenting and some in campers. Thank God, we were in a camper as the rains came down very hard on Sunday night. Other than that, the weather was awesome!

I want to take a quick minute and thank my dear wife Betsy. She works very hard to help put the event together every year. Tom & Caroline Kaelin, Ann Farney, Father Stef, Brian Cox and others also made sure we all had a great time. If you see them…. thank them.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Annie Junior



Annie Junior, presented by the junior high at Saint Catherine of Siena in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Typically I only show my own photography here but I offered to post photos shot by Doug Lonneman so the parents and students could see the shots he took during a dress rehearsal on January 19th. I have also included two additional galleries I shot for them.

If you would like to download the original files for these photos, click on a thumbnail and when the large version  of the photo opens, roll your mouse over the upper left-hand corner of the photo and select “Download Original”.

Doug’s January 19th gallery.
My January 15th gallery.
My January 22nd gallery. Enjoy!

Erinn & Jamie’s Wedding, Holly Specht Photos


This is the last of Erinn & Jamie’s wedding photos. This gallery was shot by my sister Holly Specht and brother-in-law Eric. Holly offered to help out by shooting here at the house while the girls got ready and as the other family member always with her camera, Erinn was happy to take her up on the offer. Thanks Holly & Eric!

You can see the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

Coming Soon… Poppy Mountain BGF Photos


This is a note to all the folks at Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival just to let you all know I have about 1600 photos to go through. So everyone please be patient! I’ll be working on them at night for the next couple of weeks. I really do have a regular job, so hang in there.

If you want to find out when they have been posted feel free to sign up for my email notification on the left-hand side of this page. Also, if you have friends you’d like to share the 2009 Poppy experience with feel free to click on the “Share on Facebook” link below this story.

Thanks, and see you all next year!

3 Days, 3 States, 7 Skateparks



I should have edited and posted these long ago. I took my son Michael and nephew Parker on a skatepark trip through Columbus, Wheeling and Pittsburg from August 6th through the 8th. These are 2 of the close to fifty “multiple exposure” shots I captured over the 3-day trip. I’m posting this right now because I feel guilty I’ve not processed all the photos for Michael yet.

Stay tuned….