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Welcome to BluegrassPhotography.Net.

I have set this blog up to share my photos with friends and family. Please feel free to browse around and look over my photo galleries and blog entries. I am absolutely not a writer, so don’t expect well written entries… for that matter please overlook my bad gramar and misspellings.

Although I have set this up as a pathway to my photo galleries I will upon occasion actually try to document those galleries as I add new images.

I have set up all the galleries on Zenfolio. If you’re a photographer and are looking for a great site to host your photos take a look at Zenfolio. Instead of me going into why I like them so much, you should go and set up a free 14 day account and see if you agree.

Here’s a direct link to my galleries on Zenfolio. Enjoy!

If you are interested in purchasing any images feel free to email me.