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Abandoned House, Route 50


I rarely go out on a “Photo Trip” during the week, and very rarely after work. But last night I was surfing the web looking for Mail Pouch barns near home and ran across one close to the office. After work tonight I decided to track it down and shoot it. I located the barn through a Google search on “Mail Pouch Barns, Ohio”. The result was actually an old abandoned house, and the web page mentioned a Mail Pouch Barn behind the house.

I found the house, located on Route 50 just outside of Milford, Ohio. Unfortunately the barn was gone! I did however find a pile of rubble that used to be the barn. I was surprised to see that a few planks of old oak showed the signs of the signature Mail Pouch signage. You can see the Mail Pouch red boards in the first 2 photographs. The let down of not getting the barn was made up by the old house that sat next to it. I decided that I shouldn’t waste the trip and shoot the house while I was there.

These shots are rather stylized in that they are dark and saturated. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m in that kind of mood or what, but after I edited them I just feel like they capture the mood of the house. Abandoned houses like this are awesome to me. Although the house had the signs of abuse there were signs that at one point this was someone’s home. That’s what intrigued me the most. I’m curious about the lives of the people that may have lived their lives in the house.

Here’s the entire gallery from today’s trip. Enjoy!

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