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Highlands High School Girls Varsity Soccer – 08-22-2011


I shot my boy’s soccer games for close to 10 years collecting an image library of thousands upon thousands of shots. After shooting all those soccer games one would think I’ve had my share of soccer but when a friend of mine asked me to shoot the Highlands varsity girls I jumped right on it. Of course I didn’t realize it was an 8:00 pm game! Nothing like testing the old skills under the lights. Shooting at night really boosts my respect for pro sports shooters. For those of you with any understanding of photography, I was shooting a good part of the second half at ISO 2500. Thanks to Canon’s CMOS sensor on my 5D Mark II there wasn’t a huge grain (noise) issue. Though it’s not the fastest Canon for sports, the full-frame helps with tighter crops. So much for the photography mumbo-jumbo. I try to keep my blog on the lighter side, without a bunch of technical junk, so sorry for getting off topic!

I hope to get to some additional games this season, so if you or someone you know has any interest in me shooting for “your” team, drop me an email and if I have the time available I’d love to shoot some more games.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Brown County Bluegrass Festival


I’ve talked about going to Brown County Bluegrass Festival for a few years now, and once I found out IIIrd Tyme Out was on the schedule for the 2011 show I decided it was time I went.

The festival is held on the Brown County Fairgrounds and has plenty of great camping spots. It’s not your typical bluegrass festival camping on grass or in the middle of a field but there’s plenty of great level spots with reliable electric. The people that run the place is great. I was only there for the one day, but in that amount of time I heard quite a few visitors bragging on the festival. The lineup was great as well. If I had the time I would have liked to stay for the entire weekend but decided Thursday was the best day to give it a go. IIIrd Tyme Out played twice and as usual, both shows were great.

If you’re looking for a new festival to try out, and live in the greater Cincinnati area, Brown County would be a great choice!

Having only spent one day there, the gallery is small compared to my typical bluegrass festival galleries. I also shot quite a bit of video which I’ll post on my YouTube Channel soon. If you’re a IIIrd Tyme Out fan and would like to check out those videos then visit my FaceBook page to check for updates. Here’s my personal FaceBook page. And my BluegrassPhotography.Net FaceBook page.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

360º Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum


I recently visited The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum and decided it would be a great place to shoot some 360º panoramic photographs. The image above is a shot of the Military History Room. Click on the link below to be taken “into” the room through an interactive 360º tour of Fort Thomas’ rich military history. Be aware this is a large file, but worth the wait. Also, be sure to click on the “full screen” icon once the page loads to get the whole experience.

Click here for the 360º tour

I will be returning to the museum soon to shoot a couple of rooms from the recently opened Beverly Hills Supper Club display.

If you’re from Northern Kentucky or Southern Ohio and remember the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new exhibit prepared by students of Northern Kentucky University.

City of Fort Thomas Museum
940 Cochran
Fort Thomas, KY 41075-2314
(859) 815-8481 ‎

Great American Ballpark with Paul McCartney Crowd


Shots of Great American Ballpark during the Paul McCartney show.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!