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Fort Thomas Fallen Soldier


This post is dedicated to Brandon Pickering. Brandon was a resident of Fort Thomas and a 2008 Highlands High School grad. He was wounded when his unit was attacked with small arms fire and a rocket propelled grenade in Wardak province on April 8 in Afghanistan. Brandon passed away on Sunday, April 10 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

I have been to a few military services and as sad as they are, they are also a way to celebrate the fallen. This service for Brandon was surprisingly upbeat, which is not what I had expected but I’m sure was good for his friends and family attending. If you’ve ever been to a service for a fallen soldier you will recognize the Patriot Guard Riders in these photos. The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse group of riders from across the nation. They have one thing in common besides motorcycles. They have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join them!

I was asked by Brandon’s family to not publish photos my of his service, so I’ve only included exterior photos. Though only the Patriot Guard Riders are seen in the photographs, please keep Brandon in mind as you view them. And remember, the next time you see a soldier, seaman, airman, or any member of “your” military, thank them for their service….. it’s the very least you can do!

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!



I love contrast in a photograph. In this case, historical contrast. This was an awesome find! I saw this sign back in February from atop a parking garage in downtown Cincinnati. The weather was just not suitable for shooting but I took note to return at some point and shoot these two department store signs.

I’m not a big Macy’s shopper, but more of a “remember Shillitos” person. I have fond memories of my mom taking us down to Shillitos to view the Christmas windows, and have our picture taken with Santa Claus. That’s back when everyone traveled to downtown Cincinnati to take in all the holiday festivities. I don’t remember frequent trips to downtown, but I sure do remember those holiday trips! How about you? Although the dates do not match up, my memories have me in line with Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”.

How about you? Remember Shillitos, standing in line for Santa, taking in the windows downtown or Christmas on Fountain Square?

Here’s a few more of the Shillitos and Macy’s signs. Enjoy!

Brick and Mortar Canvas


Alexandre Farto

I love old brick walls. Even better than an old brick wall showing it’s age with slight deterioration is an old brick wall with an old hand-painted sign on it. If you’ve browsed my galleries at all you’ve probably ran across some of my images capturing these old marks in advertising history. Every time I find a sign on an old brick wall I find myself wondering about it’s history. Who painted the sign, Is the company represented in the sign still in business, are there other signs hidden beneath the visible sign?

Today I ran into a sign (maybe best described as artwork) that may very well be the subject of a photographer wondering the same things in the future, I wonder today. Driving through downtown Cincinnati I ran into a sign being created right before my very eyes. Portuguese-born Alexandre Farto has been commissioned by BLDG, a Covington based studio, to create Cincinnati’s own original “Urban Structure” as Alexandre describes his art.

VHILS is the tag name of Portuguese graffiti/street artist Alexandre Farto (1987—) He gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. Not long ago, street artists were objects of scorn, stigmatized to the point of risking jail time in order to smear their messages in alleyways and on overpasses. Lately, however, with a growing public appreciation for all things graffiti, urban communication is no longer such a target of public disdain, but rather is increasingly being appreciated as high art.

Here’s the rest of the gallery. Enjoy.

BLDG will be hosting a release event Friday, April 15 from 7-11 PM. For additional information visit the BLDG website.