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Not Quite West Virginia


Southeast Ohio Barn

I’ve been wanting to take a trip to shoot West Virginia’s Mail Pouch barns ever since one of my boys gave me a book of Mail Pouch barns in West Virginia shot by Steve Shaluta for Christmas. Last Saturday I was packing up to venture off to “Almost Heaven… West Virginia” when Betsy reminded me we had a “date” at 7:00 that night! So much for West Virginia. Since I already had long johns, 3 shirts, 2 pair of socks and my hiking boots on I decided to head out, with no destination.

I thought I had shot every Mail Pouch barn within a hundred or so miles from home but soon learned not so! I decided to head out Ohio Route 32 east since I hadn’t been out that way. I ended up hitting Highland, Pike, Jackson, Scioto and Adams counties, shooting 6 Mail Pouch barns including re-shooting one that I had shot way back in 2000. That was my first Mail Pouch photo, long before I became obsessed.

Although my goal is to shoot Mail Pouch barns, I usually end up running across so many other great scenes that catch my eye. Those usually end up being the better shots of the day. Like the shot above. I discovered this barn and bails of hay driving up a steep hill in Adams County. It’s one of those shots that just appear. It’s scenes like this that keep me going out on my day-long drives.

By the way, one week later, yesterday,  I made my trip to West Virginia. But since I only hit 2 counties I plan a return weekend long trip soon.

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

Snow on the Square


If you live in the greater Cincinnati area you know how they warned us all day yesterday and last night of the “great snowstorm of 2011″. Although we did get snow, I’ve certainly seen much worse. Since most people didn’t work, or left work early to beat the rush hour craziness, my drive home from Mariemont to Fort Thomas was rather peaceful. So peaceful that I decided to go through downtown and see if I could grab a shot of Fountain Square. The traffic in downtown Cincinnati seemed more like 5:00 on a Sunday morning than 6:00 on a Thursday night. As a matter of fact I actually parked in the middle of 5th Street, ran over and grabbed some shots. Since I did a “shoot and run” I didn’t take the time to take  my tripod. That was a mistake. This is one of those photos I’ll always look back on and think of a dozen things I could have done better. But I’m fine with that. After all my purpose for shooting Fountain Square tonight was to capture that snowy moment in time and I feel like I’ve done that.


Saint Catherine of Siena – Godspell


"St. Catherine of Siena, Fort Thomas, KY - Godspell"

I figured that once my boys left Saint Catherine of Siena school I’d stop shooting the Junior High play every year. But with my wife being the school secretary, and lots of friends having kids in the play I decided why not. The fact that they were doing Godspell intrigued me also, since it was the one and only play I’ve ever been in. My Church youth group did a very small version of Godspell way back in 1979 and I played Jesus. Yes, Jesus. For those of you that know me, please keep your comments to yourselves :-)

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!