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Merry Christmas from BluegrassPhotography.Net


Merry Christmas to all my visitors on BluegrassPhotography.Net. I had contemplated a more “politically correct” message, but those of you that know me personally know that’s not my thing!

This image is a crop of a stained glass window I shot while Betsy and I were in Casa Careyes, Mexico a few years back. I know that photos of Mexico have nothing to do with Christmas, but if you’d like to see more photos from our trip, click the galleries link below. These are not your typical “vacation” photos. Just ask my wife… she’ll tell you, “We went to Mexico and he shot hundreds of photos, of everything but us”. My goal was to shoot anything but “tourist” shots.

If you’ve been a subscriber to my blog for a while you may have already read my previous post about our trip. If you’ve not seen the photos take a look at the galleries here. Enjoy!

Adopt a Family for Christmas Fundraiser


Pardon the interruption from my normal ramblings, and I promise this won’t happen often so please don’t “un-subscribe” from my emails, but…..

Looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas? Looking to help out those less fortunate?

BluegrassPhotography.Net  has been asked to participate in a fund raiser for Newport Central Catholic’s “Adopt a Family for Christmas” program this year.

I will be displaying a large selection of framed prints, matted prints and canvas prints featuring a wide variety of subjects suitable for every space, from family rooms to corporate offices.

This is not a craft show, but a select group of 4 vendors that have been asked to help out with the Adopt a Family for Christmas Program.

Date: Wednesday, December 15th from 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Location: Newport Central Catholic, in the hallway between the cafeteria and the Black Box Theatre
There is NO COST to enter, but obviously a donation would be highly appreciated! I will be donating 10% of my sales to the Adopt a Family for Christmas Program.

If you can’t stop by Wednesday night, please forward this to friends and family.

Additional booths:
Purses & Scarves – Teena Devoto
Jewelry – Lisa Bowman
Custom Made Signs – Kathy Smith

First German Reformed Church – Cincinnati, Ohio


First German Reformed Church along Freeman Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio

I’ve been wanting to get into this Church along Freeman Avenue in downtown Cincinnati for a couple of years now. I actually went to shoot it about a year ago very early on a Saturday morning. I ended up not going in because as I approached the entrance I noticed fresh prints in the snow. As much as I enjoy shooting these old buildings, it’s not worth what may have been awaiting me in there. Of course it could have been my imagination I suppose. Still yet, I chickened out!

Having this place in the back of my mind ever since, I jumped at the chance to go shooting with another local “Abandoned” shooter. As a matter of fact this shooter happens to be a sort of a mentor of mine. I’ve appreciated his work for a while and always thought it would be great to shoot with him. After becoming FaceBook fans I would throw out the occasional comments on his shots and he asked about my stuff as well. All said and done we decided to meet up last Sunday and go shooting. I told him I had been wanting to shoot this Church for a while. Although he had shot it in the past we decided to meet up. I was excited about getting into this place. So much so that I “abandoned” my wife for part of the day… her birthday! Hopefully I made up for it later that day!

Once inside, I decided this place was worth the wait. I was surprised at the condition. Yes, it was beat up but I expected a lot more destruction. I actually only saw one bit of graffiti in the whole place. We were there about an hour, although I would like to have stayed longer. I’m not overly happy with what I came out with. I forgot to take my remote shutter release which is not a good thing in such low light and the fact that it was rather cold didn’t help the situation. I suppose I’ll just have to take another trip some time.

I want to thank my shooting friend for meeting up. I’d like to do it again sometime. I haven’t asked him about using his name so for now he’ll just have to remain a mystery.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!