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One From the Archives


Anna Marie Island Sunset

I was going through my photo archives tonight looking for something new to post and ran across this sunset from a few years back. I figured, what the heck when in doubt, post a sunset. After all everyone loves a sunset!

I shot this on our family vacation on Anna Marie Island in July of 2007. I shot it with my old Canon 5D. ISO 50, f29 with a 15 second exposure.

I was going to post a link to the gallery from our trip to Anna Marie, but after looking I discovered I’ve not posted them to the web. I hope you enjoy this one shot though! Kind of proves my wife’s point that I shoot all the family photos but she never gets to see them.

Thanks for looking!

Monday Night Football Cincinnati Skyline


This past Monday Night Football broadcast in Cincinnati meant two things. The Bengals would be beaten in front of the entire county, and photographers would flock to the usual “Light Up Cincinnati” spots to shoot the skyline.

I’ve not heard about an official Light Up Cincinnati in quite a while, but this was closest thing to it we’ve had in years. I wasn’t even aware that both stadiums were going to be lit until my drive home from work Monday night and saw Great American Ballpark lit up. I later learned that the ballpark was lit in memory of Sparky Anderson who had passed away on the 4th of November.

After dinner I headed out and hit Newport Central Catholic first, then off to Devou Park, Covington Landing and Mike Fink’s parking lot. Most of this gallery are panoramic shots, although there are a few single image photographs as well. The panoramics range from 12 to 32 images wide. Unfortunately they cannot be appreciated fully in the galleries because I have to make them smaller for web viewing. The full-sized files are huge, ranging from just over 100 MB to close to 350 MB on the largest. The largest is a whopping 172″ wide by 68″ high at 72 dpi.

Here’s the entire gallery from Monday night. Enjoy!

Big Mac Rainbow


On my way home from work tonight as I ran through spotty rain showers I saw 3 different rainbows. Since I was driving along Columbia Parkway there were no safe places to stop and shoot, so I assumed I was out of luck. The closer I got to crossing the river the clearer it got, but I decided to go through Newport and run down by the river in hopes another would show up. It sounds goofy, but I started to feel like one of those storm chasers on the Discovery Channel. As I pulled through the opening in the levee to Riverboat Row I saw the rainbow right over the Big Mac Bridge. I jumped out and grabbed these shots. As soon as I shot a few I started to think of another close by location that would provide a better foreground but before I could think of someplace it was gone.

Here’s the 8 shots I was able to get before it disappeared. Enjoy!

A New Skyline


I’ve been waiting for the “crown” of the Great American Tower to be lit for quite a while now. I’m not sure if tonight was actually the first night it was lit or not, but on my way home from work I first noticed it lit so decided to take some shots. My first stop was on the lower side of Mount Adams facing west, and then off to the riverfront in Newport. I like the “old vs new” look of shot from Mount Adams with the P&G Towers in the same shot as the new Great American Tower. And the shots from Newport are interesting, but I see better shots coming in the future. I think it’s time for another “Light Up Cincinnati”!

There’s not many, but here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!