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Archive for August, 2010

Another Preble County Ohio Road Trip


Back in June I did a “Photo Trip” up in the Preble County, Ohio area. If you missed that story you can check it out here.

I thought that I had covered Preble County pretty well until Betsy and I went camping with some of our friends a few weeks back. We camped at Natural Springs Resort outside of New Paris, Ohio and as usual I took a day and went for a “photo trip”. Again, I skipped church! We were camping with some friends from Betsy’s church, Saint Catherine’s and being the “good Catholics” they all are they packed up and went to mass on Sunday and I hit the road.

I only had one goal for this trip. The Geeting covered bridge west of Lewisburg, Ohio. But as luck would have it, my covered bridge shots would not be so easy to come by on that day. As I drove the 40 miles to the bridge the sky darkened as I drove into a storm. It had been quite a while since that part of Ohio had rain but the rainless streak was about to end. Mere moments before I got to the bridge the rain hit. I parked just off the side of the road and ran to the cover of the bridge with my gear to wait it out. After a half an hour of watching a downpour I decided to chance it and grab a few shots. As you’ll see in the gallery I didn’t do so well in capturing the bridge. So after a 40 mile drive and waiting out a rain storm I got nothing. I’ve posted some of the shots, but they’re not the best covered bridge shots I’ve ever done.

The drive back actually turned out to be the highlight of the day. I ran across a Mail Pouch barn that I didn’t expect. Always a good thing in my book! I also found an abandoned farmhouse, again, a good thing! But what turned out to be the find of the weekend was an Obama barn! I’ll try my best to leave out my political leanings but I can say that I found a sign that “counteracted” the Obama barn! Check out the gallery and you’ll find it!

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Terry’s Turf Club, Cincinnati, Ohio


I’ve read about this little restaurant right down the road from my office on Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH so last week I thought I’d run down at lunch and shoot some of the signs. Unfortunately they’re not open for lunch so I couldn’t go in. I hear the inside is better than the outside for old sign lovers. I guess I’ll have to stop by for dinner one night, although as I understand it, I’ll have to wait quite a while to get in. Apparently the owner (previous owner of Neon’s on Main Street) has come up with another winner. Read all about Terry’s here.

Although there’s not many photos, you can see the rest of them here. Enjoy!

American Sign Museum 360°, Part Two


This is a follow-up to a recent post covering my trip to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. My original post was a test to confirm the settings and possible issues concerning 360° panoramics. The image above is a panoramic image in it’s “flattened” state.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Saint Paul, Indiana Weekend


Over the 4th of July weekend we camped with some friends in Saint Paul, Indiana. Saint Paul is a typical small Indiana town about half way between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. As usual, I decided to go “hunting” for some shots. Being the heathen that I am, while the others went into Greenfield for church, I decided to run around the county and look for some shots. I found 2 covered bridges, both built from the same family owned bridge building company. The A. M. Kennedy Builders. The family built 58 covered bridges with only 13 still standing to date. The hallmark of the Kennedy bridges is their ornamentation, which I’ve captured in a few of the shots. I also ran across a previously unknown to me Mail Pouch barn on Indian Route 1. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to shoot it though because Route 1 is a small 2-lane with no place to pull over with my camper! It’s close enough to home though that I can run over sometime soon and grab some shots.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!