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Saint Catherine of Siena 2010 Forester Campout


I normally don’t post personal photos here on BluegrassPhotography.Net but I thought these were really great with all the kids having such a great time. So I thought I’d share.

This was the fourth Forester campout at Versailles State Park in Versailles Indiana. A great weekend of fun, food, games, and of course camping. Some tenting and some in campers. Thank God, we were in a camper as the rains came down very hard on Sunday night. Other than that, the weather was awesome!

I want to take a quick minute and thank my dear wife Betsy. She works very hard to help put the event together every year. Tom & Caroline Kaelin, Ann Farney, Father Stef, Brian Cox and others also made sure we all had a great time. If you see them…. thank them.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Agusta, Kentucky Trip


I haven’t posted for a while so I thought I’d throw out this gallery from a quick trip to Augusta Betsy and I took last weekend. Our June is jammed with stuff going on so we thought we had better take the chance to spend some time together while we could. We had talked about Madison, Indiana but have been there a few times so we figured we’d try someplace different. My Mom & Dad have talked about Augusta, Kentucky and how nice it was so we thought we’d give it a shot.

Augusta is a beautiful little river town about an hour south of Fort Thomas. Unfortunately, I think they have missed the mark on being a “day trip” destination. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, I just expected more of a “Madison, Indiana” or “Yellow Springs, Ohio” feel to it. There’s a couple of nice places to eat, some gift shops, but to me the best part was just walking with Bets along 1st Street looking at the old houses and gardens. Like I said, June is going to be crazy, and May was just as bad so it was nice just to be alone enjoying the “us” time. As a matter of fact, I was enjoying our time alone so much I actually only shot a dozen photos!

I was however excited to find a Bull Durham sign on an old brick building. That was my “shot of the day”, although I think the couple of garden shots are better photos. Take a look and let me know if you agree!

Here’s the small gallery from a great day. Enjoy!

Preble County Ohio Road Trip


I try to take my “Photo Trips” on Saturdays as to not miss church, but this trip was a last minute decision after church on May 16th. It had been a while since I went shooting and was itching to get out, so I decided to head north towards Preble County Ohio to find a couple of covered bridges. The Brubaker covered bridge and the Roberts covered bridge.

As usual, I found much more to shoot along the way to my final “target”. For one, I ran across the partially abandoned Crystal Tissue Company’s factory just south of Middletown, Ohio. I seriously considered jumping the fence and shooting the inside, but Betsy has scared me into re-thinking trespassing with her threats of not coming to get me out of jail. I had to settle for shooting the water tower from outside the fence. Maybe I’ll go back one day!

I also ran across a couple of very cool abandoned farm house. One of which at the time it was abandoned was occupied by a retired U.S. Air Force officer. It was rather eerie walking into one of the upper bedrooms and seeing his uniform hanging on the closet door. I also found a box with his discharge papers and his military records in it. Sad to think of it, but all my uniforms and paperwork are in my attic. I’m hopeful that no one finds it when shooting photographs of an abandoned house in Fort Thomas in the future!

I also ran across a previously “undiscovered” Mail Pouch barn, although it’s more of a garage, and new, but all the same a Mail Pouch sign. And the last shot of the day was a rather sarcastic political statement of a local pizza parlor’s owner.

Here’s the entire gallery from my Preble County trip. Enjoy!