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Rabbit Hash Up Close


Camping season has begun! Betsy and I went to Big Bone State Park this past weekend and took a short trip to Rabbit Hash on Saturday. If you know anything about Rabbit Hash you know it really isn’t much more than an old general store on the Ohio River, yet it attracts thousands of visitors every year. On any given Saturday during the summer months you may see a couple hundred people in the sleepy little town.

Since I have already taken the “typical” Rabbit Hash shot (the exterior of the general store) I wanted to shoot some of the details of the town that are uniquely Rabbit Hash. Take a look at this gallery and hopefully it will inspire you to take your own trip to Rabbit Hash. But if you do, be prepared to “slow down”. Because in Rabbit Hash, you can’t help but slow down and relax!

Here’s the whole gallery. Enjoy!

Thunder Over Louisville


As a resident the Greater Cincinnati area I’ve always thought of the WEBN fireworks on Labor Day as “the” fireworks display to see. Now that I’ve experienced the “Thunder Over Louisville” I’ve decided that Cincinnati doesn’t own the title “King of the Fireworks Displays”.

“Thunder” is Louisville’s kick-off to the derby. Two weeks of parties and events leading up to the grandaddy event for the typically lazy river town, The Kentucky Derby.

I was fortunate enough to have a buddy invite me down for the weekend, with a press pass to go along with it. And of course I couldn’t turn that down, so off to Louisville we went. I spent all day Friday driving through southeastern Indiana looking for barns and bridges (another post coming soon). Saturday took me, and hundreds of thousands of others to the river front. The event starts at 3 in the afternoon with a six hour air show. Since I’ve shot more air shows and aircraft than I can count back in my Air Force Photographer days, I decided to play photojournalist for the day taking lots of “spectator” shots.

Click here for the whole gallery. Enjoy!

Abandoned Factory (Peters Cartridge Company)


After a long weekend doing things I “had” to do, cutting grass, getting the camper ready for the summer, and cleaning the garage, I decided Sunday after dinner it was time to do something I “wanted” to do, shoot some photos!

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless as he would be upset that he suggested I break the law by trespassing, and he’s a “man of the cloth” to boot, told me about an abandoned factory on the Loveland Bike Trail. After some Google work I found out the factory is the remains of the Peters Cartridge Company. Here’s some information on the company: Peters Cartridge Company.

So I drive up to Loveland and get out only to find two guys standing there shooting some cellphone photos. They seemed into it so I asked if they wanted to “explore” with me. They were up for it, although the one guy seemed a bit paranoid about the many warning signs! After being “greeted” by a very nice guard dog, no kidding, we found a way in. We explored the first two floors seemingly keeping an eye on each other for safety’s sake when somewhere between the second and third floors I realized they were gone! I think the one guy talked the other into leaving! So I was on my own, although I did have my trusty (not), iPhone should something bad happen.

Waiting till after dinner turned out to be a not so good decision as the light was very harsh, although some of the shots are better with the harsh light. In general I would have preferred more even lighting so there may be a return trip in my future.

This turned out to be the “mother of all explorations” for me. I’ve seen more interesting abandoned places in the way of colors and textures, but this wins the “really huge abandoned building” award. At times I felt like I was in a submarine, yet I was quite a few floors above the ground. If you look at the tower you’ll see a set of windows right below the “P”. That’s how far I made it before I decided I was pushing my luck!

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed shooting them, and stay tuned for a return visit with better lighting conditions, and next time I’ll go to the basement!

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Great American Ballpark Fireworks


I picked up my new camera (Canon 5D Mark II) last Friday but was so busy I didn’t really shoot with it till Wednesday of this week. I had Wednesday night free so I planned on just going out and looking to find something to shoot and ended up down at the riverfront shooting the skyline once again. The Reds were playing the first night game of the year and a photographer I was talking to told me they were having fireworks after the game, win or loose. I didn’t really want to spend the next couple of hours there, since I really don’t care for watching baseball in the stadium so staring at the stadium from the outside without beer and hot dogs just didn’t sound thrilling. But as I said I was talking to another photographer and before I knew it the game was almost over so I decided to stick around. I was nice to be able to hang out and have some “photo talk” with someone that shares the passion. I found out from him (Jim from Highland Heights), that I’m not the only one goofy enough to get up at 5 AM on any given Saturday and just head out looking for something to shoot. And to top it off, he’s a Canon guy!

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Easter Traditions


Again, I’m awake way before the rest of the family and since it’s Easter morning I thought I’d take a minute and share some shots of a couple of local Easter traditions. One of which I’ve experienced many times in my life and one that’s new to me.

I’ve attended First Christian Church in Fort Thomas, Kentucky my entire life so I’ve seen their “Living Portrayal of DaVinci’s Last Supper” many times. The day is called Maundy Thursday. The word ‘Maundy’, most scholars agree is derived from the Latin word mandatu which means mandate. On that night Jesus gave his disciples a new mandate or a new commandment, “That ye love one another; as I have loved you.Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

The second tradition I shot this year is more of a regional tradition to the Cincinnati area. The Good Friday pilgrimage to the church is known as the “Praying of the Steps”. It is the only pilgrimage of its kind in the world and remembers Christ’s walk to Calvary. Every year 8,000 to 10,000 pilgrims make the journey on Good Friday and say a prayer on each step as they move to the top of the hill. The tradition has been passed down through generations of Cincinnati Catholics and people of faith.

I’ve thought about shooting this many times in the past but this year I decided it was time after a friend asked that I shoot it for her. Thanks Nancy! I’m not very happy with these shots as the lighting was not the best and I wasn’t really prepared to shoot in such bad back lighting. Next year I’ll be trudging up the hill with my tripod! Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!