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Abandoned House, Newport, Kentucky


Yes, another abandoned house! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new gallery and I haven’t shot much lately so I thought I’d dig into the archives. I shot this house in May of 2007, when it became exposed from it’s long hideout on a hillside in Newport, Kentucky. As far back as I can remember this house was abandoned. I remember wondering why it was abandoned when it always appeared to be in good shape. It was at the bottom of Grand Avenue across from Blockbuster video, and when I shot these photos it had been exposed due to construction of the new Krogers in Newport. The hill that this house sat on has since been totally leveled, making way for the Kroger and a soon to be Target. The same development that took this house that had been empty for years also took dozens of occupied houses at the same time, one of which some relatives of mine lived in. I shot their house right before it was destroyed. Maybe I’ll dig those out soon and share.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Abandoned Hayswood Hospital, Maysville, Ky


I’ve been wanting to explore something larger than old abandoned houses I find out on country rides for a while. After some research I discovered the abandoned Hayswood Hospital in Maysville, Kentucky. I’ve read many articles on the hospital and decided I had to shoot it. After reading many stories of it being haunted, extremely dangerous, and off limits I was a bit hesitant but this past Saturday decided to go for it. Problem was that my 16 year old son wanted to go with me! Now I not only had to worry about me getting arrested, but calling Betsy and telling her Michael and I were both in jail wasn’t something I was interested in doing!

After a few phone calls to some nearby businesses and the Maysville police I decided we would do it. By the way, every phone call had of mentions of ghosts, various physical dangers and of course the warnings of being caught by the police!

It was a nasty rainy day. Sounds like the start to a bad horror novel I know, but it was! When we got there we saw a police car right in front of the place. I was upset that we drove an hour and wouldn’t even be able to get in, but after we drove around a bit we decided to park around the corner and just walk right in.

Since I’m a photographer and not a writer I’ll skip my interpretation of what we experienced and send you right to the photos, leaving the rest to your own imagination of being there with us. As far as the photography, I learned some lessons about shooting in this type of location. My tripod would have been a plus but I left it in the car and figured I was already in and didn’t want to chance getting caught going out to get it. Boots would have been nice as well as it was rather wet and mucky in there. And I’m embarrassed to say we didn’t even take a flashlight! And of course as a 16 year old, Michael didn’t have a warm enough coat on, but as is his character he didn’t complain.

One more note on the photographs. You’ll see that quite a few of them appear twice. I have included the original photos as well as my attempt at a ghostly filtered effect version. Due to the lack of light and contrast I have attempted to “enhance” the images to bring out the erie atmosphere of the place. I’d like some feedback on the “filtered” images if you’re willing to comment.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

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Fort Thomas Abandoned House


Usually I have to drive for miles and sometimes hours to find a new abandoned house. So when I found this one 4 houses away from my own home I had to shoot it. An abandoned house in Fort Thomas is a rarity so I had to shoot this one.

To be honest, this house isn’t abandoned but it certainly looks like it. Betsy tells me, after talking to a Fort Thomas fireman, that the owners have tried to sell this place for quite a while. Not sure if it’s the economy or the fact that they have an indoor pool but apparently they have given up selling and decided to tear it down and re-build. The Fort Thomas fire department has been up there cutting holes in the walls and the roof and doing their own version of destruction. I assume they have been given permission to perform training there.

After I got back from shooting Michael asked me if the pool had rounded corners so he could skateboard in it. I told him that I had better not find out he’s been in there because he could get busted for trespassing. His response, “So dad, how did you get these pictures?”. I hate it when my kids put me in my place!

If you have any insight into the history of this house I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!