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Archive for February, 2010

Cincinnati’s West End Trip


Last Saturday I had to run over to Cincinnati’s west end to drop off something to a supplier and figured I’d shoot some stuff while I was out. I’ve had a list of shots I’ve wanted to get in that part of town for a while. Most importantly I wanted to sneak into an abandoned church next to my supplier’s shop. The First German Reformed Church along Freeman Avenue has been on my list for quite a while so I was excited over the prospect of shooting it. There’s only one way to “get in” to the abandoned church. A 24″ pathway between 2 buildings. I was a bit paranoid as I worked my way down the path, but as I got closer to the one opening I started to feel a bit cocky. I was actually getting ready to trespass to shoot an abandoned church. I was about 4 feet from the opening when I noticed fresh footprints in the snow right in front of me. I mean very fresh! If you know anything about Freeman Avenue in Cincinnati, you know it’s not a great place to be with a few grand in camera gear, in an abandoned building, where there MAY be someone with you! Well so much for the church. I chickened out and hit the road. I will however make my way back. I’ve just got to!

Not to be deterred by my willingness to stay alive I decided to hit some of the other spots I’ve been wanting to shoot. I’ve recently become interested in old signs and the west end of Cincinnati is filled with them. From an old brewery, a wide variety of churches and pawn shops to recent signs of “Hope”, the west end is filled with visual eye candy. Depending on your taste of eye candy of course!

Check out the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

Green County, Ohio Road Trip


Super Bowl Sunday I ventured off to Green County, Ohio to capture 5 covered bridges. Thinking Green County is only about 50 minutes away, I figured I could get up the drive around the county, grab some nice snowy covered bridges and get back in time for kickoff. Wrong! For the first time,  my favorite website for locating bridges and barns sent me off in the wrong direction. 40 miles to be exact. I followed my trusty iPod GPS only to find myself in the middle of no where. I’ve been in the middle of no where before, and actually found what I was looking for, but not this time. No bridge. And not even a creek or river to put a bridge over!

I eventually found the bridge I was searching out, but the 80 mile round trip to the empty field didn’t help my schedule. All said and done, I ended up shooting the 5 bridges I went to shoot. My timing was way off though. I was out for seven and a half hours from my front door to Green County and back. I missed the first quarter of the game, but I figure there will be another Super Bowl next year, and who knows how long these bridges will be around.

Click here to see the Green County covered bridges and more. Enjoy!

Quick Trip to Dayton? No!


Last weekend we decided to run up to Dayton, Ohio to visit with my son and his wife and our grandson. It’s a quick one hour drive to Dayton so we try to get up and see them whenever we can. Along the drive I mentioned to Betsy there “may” be a covered bridge on the way and maybe I’d stop for a “quick” shot of the bridge. But really… I knew of a bridge and yet another Mail Pouch barn we may happen to “stumble” across!

All said and done our one hour drive to Dayton took about two and a half hours. Not only did I shoot the bridge and barn, but I also found a previously unknown Mail Pouch barn. I have such a understanding wife. Not only did she accept the fact I was dragging her along on another of my crazy “barn storming” trips, but she didn’t even complain when we got to Dayton and my son and I went off to find a Mail Pouch sign he had seen and wanted to show me! She’s great!

Here’s the entire gallery from our trip. Enjoy!

Fallsburg, Kentucky Mail Pouch Barn


If you receive emails whenever I post a new story on my blog I’m sure you’ve decided I have a sickness when it comes to Mail Pouch barns. I don’t even remember how it started. I’m told people with addictions don’t even know it till they wake up one day and say to themselves “I have a problem”, then it’s to late. My wife has learned to live with it. Waking up on any given Saturday morning to a note saying “I’ve gone “barnstorming” for the day, call me if you want to do something”. The way I see it I could be out at strip bars, so she should be thankful I have this sickness!

Here’s the latest gallery in my collection. A barn in Fallsburg, Kentucky. Enjoy!

Dr. Francis Burgess Abandoned House


The man I met while shooting the Elmwood Motel in Ulysses, Kentucky told me about this abandoned house on Route 23 outside of Louisa. Apparently it has quite a history as there are multiple websites referring to it’s past resident, Dr. Francis Elam Burgess. Born 1914. Physician, surgeon, poet and songwriter. I’m glad I ran across it when I did, in it’s “abandoned” state as it has recently been purchased and soon to be rennovated by Martin County entrepreneur Jim Booth.

I plan on keeping updated on the progress of the rennovation and would like to return someday to shoot the second life of this beautiful estate.

Take a look at the entire gallery here. Enjoy!