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Mail Pouch Barn, Licking County, Ohio


I was in Columbus, Ohio this past week on a 2-day photo shoot with my boss. We were shooting his father’s collection of antique pharmacy products (gallery coming soon). Since we were going to be there for 2 days I of course looked into any Mail Pouch barns in the area. There are quite a few barns around the Columbus area but since I wasn’t driving and had to talk him into a diversion from our original mission, I had to find the closest barn to his parents house in Galena on the Hoover Reservoir. I located a barn a mere 16 miles away! Which to me, who will drive 150 miles to shoot a new barn, seemed reasonable.

After a peaceful night stay in the beautiful farmhouse he grew up in, and his father keeping us up late with “old timer” stories (meant to be respectfull not sarcastic) we were headed to breakfast then off to shooting more. I think Pete’s dad was rather confused as to why he had to wait for his breakfast so I could take a picture of some old barn, but he was a good sport about it. The drive from the farmhouse to the barn reminded me of my days in Minot, North Dakota. Cold, windy, flat lands with snow blowing across the roads. It was actually a beautiful drive and if I was alone I would have stopped quite a few times to shoot some barns and a couple of little churches spotted along the way. But we were on a mission, find one particular barn, then get Mr. White to breakfast! Thanks to Google maps and our iPhones with GPS we found the barn with no problems and they dropped me off to get some shots while they turned around. Wow, it was cold! But I was very thankful we made the trip because it turned out this barn was very nice, and I always love to shoot the red Mail Pouch barns.

On our return trip Pete and his dad messed with me being so into taking pictures of barns. I know in reality Pete understood, but I’m not sure his dad really did. As a matter of fact the rest of the day while we were at his pharmacy shooting he would mention to people, “You wouldn’t believe it, this morning we drove way out in the country, just so this guy could take a picture of a barn”. I enjoyed knowing that maybe from now on I will be part of one of Mr. White’s “old timer” stories!

I know this is a rather long story just to end up with more pictures of a Mail Pouch barn, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I will be posting some of our photo shoot at White’s Pharmacy soon, of course with more “Mr. White” stories!

Here’s the rest of the barn shots. Enjoy!

Annie Junior



Annie Junior, presented by the junior high at Saint Catherine of Siena in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Typically I only show my own photography here but I offered to post photos shot by Doug Lonneman so the parents and students could see the shots he took during a dress rehearsal on January 19th. I have also included two additional galleries I shot for them.

If you would like to download the original files for these photos, click on a thumbnail and when the large version  of the photo opens, roll your mouse over the upper left-hand corner of the photo and select “Download Original”.

Doug’s January 19th gallery.
My January 15th gallery.
My January 22nd gallery. Enjoy!

Elmwood Motel, Ulysses Kentucky



This place was awesome! I ran across this little motel on Route 23 in Ulysses, Kentucky. I pulled up the hill to shoot and noticed some people unloading a house next door. Usually if I see someone close by I’ll ask if I can shoot so I walked over to introduce myself and ask permission to take some photos. As it turns out this man’s family owns the property and his parents ran the place until the mid 70s. As much as I enjoy the mystery of shooting old abandoned places I do often think I would like to know their history. Which is what made this such a great find. I chatted with this man for quite a while. As a matter of fact I think he enjoyed telling me his stories as much as I enjoyed hearing them. He actually had the original signs in his barn, which he gladly shared and posed for photos (look for him and his dog in the gallery). I think it’s great that this man is so proud of his family being a part of so many families vacations thoughout the years. Tuns out the reason they are moving stuff out of the house is that his mother is very sick in the hospital. He said she has forever refused to leave the house, but unfortunately it seems she’ll be moving into a home, never to return to the Elmwood.

Here’s the rest of gallery. Enjoy!

Lowmansville Kentucky Abandonded House


Just outside of Prestonsburg, Kentucky I drove past this house thinking it wasn’t much. But just around the corner I stopped for a Dew and decided to turn back around and take a closer look. I’m glad I turned around because I really enjoyed shooting this house, and I got to meet a Floyd County Sheriff! I thought I was headed to jail, but he turned out to be a nice guy. He did tell me to leave, but actually followed me around while I shot. It’s like he knew he should have made me leave, but wanted to let me stay. All said and done, he let me shoot everything I wanted to!

Here’s the rest of the gallery. Enjoy!

Grayson Kentucky Mail Pouch Barn


I was on my way home after a very long day of shooting through east Kentucky not quite knowing how I was going to get home when I “stumbled across” Grayson, Kentucky. Which is the eastern end of the AA Highway, a straight shot home. Right as I pulled on the AA Highway I ran across this Mail Pouch barn. It’s always nice to be surprised by one of these, afterall I had spent my day driving 4 hours to shoot one further south (which I did), so this one a welcome added bonus for the day. The lighting was very bad. Almost dusk, just all around bad light but I wouldn’t walk away without shooting it. I will go back at some point and re-shoot this one.

Here’s the gallery with the rest. Enjoy!

Saylersville First Church of God


I found this little church on my way to Prestonsburg, Kentucky last week. I typically stop and shoot these “little white churches” and go on about my business. I often find them on my way home from a camping trip on Sunday mornings. I’ve thought many times about stopping and attending a service, but I’m paranoid they may be snake handlers! Joking aside, maybe one day I’ll work up the courage to stop in one of these little churches.

Here’s just a couple more. Enjoy!

Old National Highway


The Old National Highway runs 3,157 miles from Atlantic City to San Francisco. Last August I drove a small section of the historic road from Wheeling, West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio. Prior to my trip I researched Mail Pouch Barns along the highway and decided my trip would include some GPS guided photo shoots. This is a collection of 6 barns along the way. These barns are either on Route 40 or just off the main highway. There are quite a few more than I shot, but my son and I were on our way home from a 3 state, 7 skateparks weekend trip and we were ready to get home.

I have decided that if I ever have more money than I know what to do with I would buy this building and have the sign on the brick wall cut out and moved to my house. I’m not sure what I would do with it, maybe install it in my basement. After all I have more money than I know what to do with, so my basement has 12′ ceilings. Of course I’d have to talk my wife into it, and the chances of that are the same as me having more money than I know what to do with!

Here’s the entire Old National Highway gallery. Enjoy!

First Photo Trip of 2010


For the past few years I’ve gotten up on New Years Day and gone out for an all day photo trip. This year I missed New Years Day by a couple of days. This gallery is from my first photo trip of 2010, January 3. My goal was to shoot a Mail Pouch barn in Adams County, Ohio. I did end up shooting that particular barn (Adams County barn), along with 3 others, a couple of Churches and some other barns. The last Mail Pouch Barn in the gallery is the only Mail Pouch Barn in the country with all four sides painted with Mail Pouch advertising. There are a few close-up shots of Harley Warrick’s signature.

Here’s my first road trip of 2010 gallery. Enjoy!