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Archive for November, 2009

University of Cincinnati Panoramic



This is a 9 image panoramic I shot for my wife’s nephew. He’s a student at U.C. and emailed me a while back with a camera phone image from a friend’s dorm room. He said he thought it was a great shot and wanted to know if I canvas make a canvas print of the image for him. My guess is that the canvas print would have been about 3 inches long coming from a camera phone, so I decided to shoot a new one for him. I’m hoping he’s more impressed with my shot than the camera phone shot!

Click here to see a “zoomable” image and see how much detail is actually in this shot. See if you can find the guy playing tennis in a green t-shirt! The full sized image is 21,339 pixels by 4276 pixels making a whopping 261 MB file.

Return to Parke County


I was hoping to catch some fall colors on a return trip to Parke County, Indiana last Saturday but the two days of rain prior to my trip took away most of the color. Although most of the fall leaves had dropped I still had a nice “blue sky” day. I was able to add nine covered bridges to my collection as well as a couple of nice barns and a mill.

I’ve wanted to go back to Parke County since my first trip a while back. It’s a full day (and more) travel and shooting, but worth it. If you’re into covered bridges at all Parke County is a “must see”.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!