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Bavarian’s Brewing Company (Gus Holthaus Sign)


On my way through Covington, Kentucky to do a skyline shot of Covington for a client I ran across this Gus Holthaus Signs Bavarian Brewing Company sign. It appears to have been recently re-painted. My wife’s father was Gus Holthaus. The company was started by her grandfather and is to this day ran by her brothers. I’ve only found a few of these old Holtahus signs and try to shoot them whenever I do. If you know of any of these signs please drop me an email with an address so I can add it to my collection.

Here’s a few more of this sign. Enjoy!

Mail Pouch Barn, Campbell County, Kentucky


My sister called me a while back and said she found a Mail Pouch Barn out in Campbell County, Kentucky. She tried as best she could to tell me where the barn was but I never did find it. Since I missed out on that one I asked that if she ever sees another one to note “exactly” where it is located.

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from her saying she had seen another one. Thanks Holly for calling me right when you saw the barn.

I will be researching this barn to determine if it’s an “official” Mail Pouch barn as it just doesn’t have the “look” of an official barn. Still, it’s a Mail Pouch barn!

This barn is located at 12684 Pleasant Ridge Road in Campbell County, Kentucky.

Thanks to Thomas for the loan of his 50d as my camera is at Cannon being repaired!

Here’s all the shots of the barn as well as a few other shots from the same piece of property. Enjoy!

Cincinnati Icon



Digging through the archives I ran across this panoramic I shot last year on my way into a meeting at P&G.

NCC Varisty Soccer vs Highlands


Monday, October 12, 2009.

Final score, NCC 1, Highlands 2

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

NCC Varsity Soccer vs Villa Madonna


Monday, October 10, 2009.

Final score, NCC 1, Villa Madonna 1

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

Black Pugh’s Mill Covered Bridge



I have a great wife! Right when I think she’s fed up with my covered bridges and Mail Pouch barns, she surprises me with, “I found a covered bridge you should shoot”. She saw this on the way to visit some friends that were camping up north of Oxford when I was in Flemingsburg shooting a bluegrass festival.

Last weekend she took me back to her “find” and this is the resulting photograph.

Mail Pouch Barn – Old Colerain Ave., Cincinnati



Betsy and I had planned a trip to Oxford, Ohio so she could show me a covered bridge she had seen and have a little “alone time” with a picnic at Hueston Woods. She was looking forward to the alone time, but I think I ruined it with another Google search for local Mail Pouch barns. I had a list of 5 barns to shoot for the day, but decided she should have her Hueston Woods visit so I just shot this one.

This is on Old Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati. Just when I think I’ve found all the local Mail Pouch barns, I get surprised with one I didn’t know about!

United States Air Force Museum


This was my second visit to the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio in the past year. The last time I was there I spent less than an hour shooting. On this visit with my dad, brother, brother-in-law and nephew I spent about three hours shooting. I shot lots of 360º Panoramics which I will post soon. I have posted the “flattened” version of those 360s here along with smaller panos.

Here’s the whole gallery. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to my last visit’s galleries. Enjoy!