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NCC Varsity Soccer vs Campbell County


Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

Final score, NCC 1, Campbell County 2

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Rowan & Carter Counties, Kentucky


Last week I spent most of the week on a mountain top just outside of Morehead, Kentucky. Yes it was a good time but after a while you kind of get tired of “the mountain”. So I decided to get up one morning and go on a photo excursion. I actually found a Mail Pouch Barn on US 60 about 1 mile from where I was staying. I have passed this barn at least twice a year for the past 12 years and have never noticed it! I also found a few cool church signs and another Mail Pouch Barn on US 60 at the entrance to Carter Caves State Park.

There’s not a bunch of images in this gallery, but I think they turned out very nice. Take a look and see what you think.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Erinn & Jamie’s Wedding, Holly Specht Photos


This is the last of Erinn & Jamie’s wedding photos. This gallery was shot by my sister Holly Specht and brother-in-law Eric. Holly offered to help out by shooting here at the house while the girls got ready and as the other family member always with her camera, Erinn was happy to take her up on the offer. Thanks Holly & Eric!

You can see the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

Coming Soon… Poppy Mountain BGF Photos


This is a note to all the folks at Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival just to let you all know I have about 1600 photos to go through. So everyone please be patient! I’ll be working on them at night for the next couple of weeks. I really do have a regular job, so hang in there.

If you want to find out when they have been posted feel free to sign up for my email notification on the left-hand side of this page. Also, if you have friends you’d like to share the 2009 Poppy experience with feel free to click on the “Share on Facebook” link below this story.

Thanks, and see you all next year!

Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival 2009


This was the 5th Annual Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival, in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. And just as the past 4 years Willie Jarrells put on an awesome festival. You just don’t come across festivals like this everyday. Willie has a great staff of people working for him and you really feel like they appreciate you attending their little corner of Kentucky. From the moment you enter the property and they offer to help you set up your camper to the time you drive away on Monday morning you feel like you’re at home with your closest friends and family.

Thanks for another great year Willie, and we’re all looking forward to next year!

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NCC Varsity Soccer vs Pendelton County


Saturday, September 12, 2009.

Final score, NCC 3, Pendelton County

I was so excited about this game. I just bought a 2x converter that would take my 70-200 lens to 140-400. My “long” shots have been lacking detail so I thought this new purchase would help.

My excitement disappeared in the first few minutes of the second half when Andrew had a collision when going up for a header! So much for my new lens… we had a trip to the hospital to make. 16 stitches later we went to Hooters for wings, per Andrew’s request!

I try to be fair when posting the “Cover” photo for these posts and not use my son’s photo for every entry. I mean he’s just one player in a team of many, so why highlight him, right? Well not today. Today’s post is dedicated to “Boogs” for his “taking one for the team”. Andrew may not be the best player on the team but one thing Betsy and I have always been proud of him for is that he gives it absolutely everything he possibly can. What more could we possibly ask of him?

Boogs, this one’s for you! Especially the last nine shots in the gallery!

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NCC Varsity Soccer vs Conner


Tuesday, September 10, 2009.

Final score, NCC 2, Conner 2

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The “Real” Mexico


I was blessed by one of my clients to offer Betsy and I to stay in her “house” in Mexico. We were expecting a condo in a tourist area, which would have been awesome, but we didn’t know what awesome meant till we got there. I’ll not go into how incredibly beautiful the house was that we stayed in (You can see a gallery of the house here) but instead I’d like to say what a great time I had visiting and shooting a “real” Mexican village.

I told our houseboy that I wanted to see the real Mexico, not the stuff all tourists see. He told his home was just a few miles away and he would be happy to take me. I asked him if it was safe for me to walk around on my own and he informed me I would be fine.

If you have read my Welcome Page you know that I  don’t claim to be a writer, but it’s very difficult to enter this post without explaining how awesome this experience was. Our first stop was his neiborhood bar just so he could introduce me to his friends, which turned into about an hour of them showing me they could drink more than me. So after the “siesta” I ventured out into the village. About 30 minutes into my trip I met a little boy that would become my “friend” and tourguide. Keep in mind that I don’t speak a word of Spanish so this friendship was challenged from the start. My little friend took me all over the village and even into his own home, jabbering and smiling all the way.

As I have said, my photos speak louder than my written words so I’ll stop now and invite you to experience what I did in my visit to the “real Mexico”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, or at least appreciate how fortunate I was in sharing a day in the life of “my little friend”.

You can view all the images here. Enjoy!