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Talkin’ About A Sin…



I was out on Route 50 near Marathon, Ohio today and ran across this barn. Can’t hide a good Mail Pouch Barn for long! It’s a shame this barn has been covered. I can appreciate the owner’s spiritual message, but covering a sign that appears to be in great shape really should be a sin!

NCC Varsity Soccer vs Woodford County


Saturday, August 20, 2009.

Final score, NCC 0, Woodford County 2

You can see the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

NCC Varsity Soccer vs Ryle


Tuesday, August 18, 2009.

Final score, NCC 1, Ryle 1

This is the first game of Andrew’s (my son) senior soccer season. I’ll attempt to make as many games as possible this year. And just as the past 10 years or so of him playing, I’ll be shooting along the way. I didn’t shoot many games last year, and very few in the select season so I’ll be getting back into “soccer shooting” mode. Last night’s game tested my skills early in the season as I’m not used to shooting night games. I’m not really happy with the results, but knew he wanted me to post them, so what the heck!

Feel free to pass this link off to anyone you think would enjoy seeing game photos throughout the season.

Here’s a link to their 2009 schedule

Click here to view the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Mail Pouch Headquarters


On a recent trip through Wheeling, West Virginia I made it a point to visit the Mail Pouch National Headquarters. I had really hoped they would have a museum or a historical display of some sort, but not the case.

As I was shooting a lady came out and I asked her about a museum. She said the building was not open to the public for safety purposes. She did however show quite a bit of interest in what I was doing. She also informed me that Mail Pouch does indeed still paint barns. Apparently there’s a small amount of new paintings a year. She invited me in to get the name and email of the lady that’s in charge of the new paintings. Once we were inside I met another lady that also showed quite a bit of interest in my obsession with Mail Pouch barns. She even apologized for not having a historical display for me to visit. She also informed me that Mail Pouch is actually owned by Swisher, which I was not aware of. Feeling like I was let down, she offered me a free pack of Grape Swishers! I had hopped to buy a Mail Pouch book or t-shirt, but the cigers were a nice gesture!

When I finished visiting with the ladies I shot a few photos and ventured on to my next “subject”. As I was driving I kind of felt let down by the whole thing. Maybe because I was looking so forward to it. But after I got home and started to edit the shots it became clear to me that it was a good trip, and well worth it for my collection.

You can see a few of the many shots from that day here. Enloy!

Robertson County, Kentucky


A friend of mine has a big all-weekend jam session at his farm in Robertson County, Kentucky every year. I’ve gone gone a few times in the past and thought this would be yet another good reason to get out and use the new camper, listen to some good music and shoot some photos while I’m at it.

This is not all the images I shot over the weekend, just some of the “stand outs” I noticed while going through the raw files.

I actually headed out to find the “Johnson Creek” covered bridge, which I located and as you can see in the gallery, was an awesome find. There was a tobacco field right next to the bridge which I thought really made the shot. I also ran across my first “See 7 States from Rock City” barn, a great find in my book. It was sunset when I ran across that barn. The shots in this gallery are from that night. I ran back the next day and shot it in the daylight. Those images will be posted soon. I also ran across another Mail Pouch barn. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend of shooting.

Take a look at the first part of this series here. More to come soon. Enjoy!