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Festival of the Bluegrass 2009


I’ve been told for years “You need to go to Festival of the Bluegrass”! I should have listened long ago because this festival is way beyond great. Well worth the trip.

I had bought a new camper just a week before the festival but was told that the campground was sold out. So here I was with a brand new camper, headed to another bluegrass festival and couldn’t even use it. I decided that I would go anyway, hopeful to find one of my many “festival friends” to crash with.

Once I arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground I discovered what a huge mistake I had made. Yes, the campground was full, but they open tons of space for camping in the many fields surrounding the campground. I could have used my new camper and invited a couple thousand friends to bring their campers as well. Lesson learned!

I actually did meet up with many friends from various festivals including my old Poppy Mountain friends Tim Cahall, Mandy and Todd and the gang from the Tiki Hut! I also met up with Willie and Sabrina Jerrals, the owners of Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival. After walking my way through the festival grounds and the campground I had no less than 6 offers to let me crash. After listening to the stage shows and working my way around the various jams throughout the campgrounds I ended up sleeping in my truck at 4:30 because I didn’t want to wake up any of the people that offered to let me stay. Thanks to all that offered.

I need to also note that I met a new friend at Festival of the Bluegrass. Rudy, from Rudyfest! He apparently was told that I shoot at a few festivals and we talked about me shooting at Rudyfest, but things didn’t work out this year. Maybe next year I’ll be posting Rudyfest photos here!

Now to the photos…. lots of general “around the festival” shots as wells as lots of stage photos. Take a look at the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

Abandoned Flemingsburg House


Michael and I went to Mandolin Farm Bluegrass Festival over 4th of July weekend and decided to leave the camper there for the week to dry out due to the nasty rain on the 4th.

Betsy and I ran down to pick it up the following weekend and I ran across this old house in Flemingsburg. I have passed this many times and decided to finally stop and shoot it. There was a really cool old fireplace and mantel inside, but Betsy wouldn’t let me go in to shoot it. Take a look at the shots and see if you agree with her. I thought it looked safe enough! If she wasn’t there I probably would have gone in and the place collapse in on me. Thanks for protecting me Bets!

There’s just a few here but check them out. Enjoy!

United States Air Force Museum


Since I was in the Air Force (many years ago) I’ve always had a passion for aircraft. And since my son lives in Dayton I thought I’d make a trip to the Air Force Museum. I lived across the street from here many years ago and rarely went while stationed there.

Here’s a group of shots I took in a quickie run through the museum. All panoramics so they each took a while which explains the small gallery.

See them all here. Enjoy!

Tons of Barns, Churches & More


This is a gallery I put together when I first opened my Zenfolio account. This is a variety of barns, Mail Pouch Barns, old churches and more. These were taken at various times and locations. From around Campbell County, KY, parts of Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia. Since I shot most of these I’ve attempted to document my shots much better so I’m not even sure where some of the images are from. Big mistake! I’ve vowed to document better because people ask, and I suppose I should know.

As I said there are a ton of images here, some of what I think are my best stuff to date.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Covered Bridge Capital of the World


They claim to have 31 covered bridges in this eastern Indiana county. I was attempting shoot them all, but it’s going to take a second trip.

This was a special “capture as many bridges in a day” trip for my wife and I. It’s after a 3 and a half hour trip from our house I wanted to make sure I made it worth my while. It really turned out to be an awesome day of shooting. I also found some nice old churches and barns.

Take a look at this gallery and see if you agree. Enjoy!

New Albany, Indiana


Covered bridge, and a Mail Pouch barn in the same shot!

Whenever my son has a soccer game away from home I look into the local area on the net and see if I can turn it into a photo trip as well. When I did a Mail Pouch Barn in New Albany Indian search this is what I found. This doesn’t come around every day so I knew I had to shoot it.

I also found a couple of nice old churches and cemetaries to shoot.

Check out the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

Nashville Indiana


I have been to this little town in Indiana a few times. The town is filled with tons of antique shops, art galleries, and all things “crafty”. I really enjoy Nashiville because I get into shooting the surrounding area and my wife enjoys the shops. You’re sure to find something of interest inthis little village on the edge of Brown County Sate Park. There’s camping at the state park, the city of Columbus, IN is right down the road. And for the Bluegrass fans in the crowd there’s always the Bean Blossom, the birthplace of Bill Monroe!

This gallery was shot on a trip Betsy and I took back in November 2008. Enjoy!