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Archive for July, 2009

Where Is That Mail Pouch Barn?



My sister recently told me about a Mail Pouch barn she had seen on a ride with her husband. A Mail Pouch barn right here in Campbell County! Now I’m pretty sure I’ve shot every one in Campbell County so I went off on a mission to find it. Afterall I can’t miss an opportunity to add to my collection. She didn’t remember exactly eher it was, but was pretty sure it was on Krift Road. I did a search and couldn’t even find Krift Road in the county. I then called a friend that works for the Agricultural Extension and he told me that he knew for sure I had indeed shot that particular barn. He knew that because I had called him one Saturday from out in the county asking him to walk me through getting to it that day.

I knew I hadn’t missed one! I’m 90% sure this is the barn she was telling me about. The reason I hadn’t posted it up till now is that I really wasn’t happy with the shots from that day (31 December 2008). It was a rather gray nasty day. I thought I’d go ahead and mess with it see if I could make something decent out of the shot. The shot above is the result of about an hour of editing.

I need to make it a point to get back out there and re-shoot this barn. Shooting it from the side will reveal and American flag painted on the roof. Maybe someday soon I’ll get back out there. This will do for now!

San Francisco Panoramics


I had traveled to San Francisco long ago when in the Air Force but was unable to shoot while there. I knew at that time I wanted to return at some point and take lots of photographs.

In June of 2008 I finally had my chance to return. Although it was a business trip with a pretty packed schedule I did get out and shoot some stuff. I would imagine San Francisco has to be one of the most photographed cities in the country, it’s just an incredible place.

This gallery contains a small group of the images I shot while there, mainly panoramic. At some point I’ll post the entire group of photos, but for now it’s just these.

You can see all of them here. Enjoy!

Abandoned House, Route 50


I rarely go out on a “Photo Trip” during the week, and very rarely after work. But last night I was surfing the web looking for Mail Pouch barns near home and ran across one close to the office. After work tonight I decided to track it down and shoot it. I located the barn through a Google search on “Mail Pouch Barns, Ohio”. The result was actually an old abandoned house, and the web page mentioned a Mail Pouch Barn behind the house.

I found the house, located on Route 50 just outside of Milford, Ohio. Unfortunately the barn was gone! I did however find a pile of rubble that used to be the barn. I was surprised to see that a few planks of old oak showed the signs of the signature Mail Pouch signage. You can see the Mail Pouch red boards in the first 2 photographs. The let down of not getting the barn was made up by the old house that sat next to it. I decided that I shouldn’t waste the trip and shoot the house while I was there.

These shots are rather stylized in that they are dark and saturated. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m in that kind of mood or what, but after I edited them I just feel like they capture the mood of the house. Abandoned houses like this are awesome to me. Although the house had the signs of abuse there were signs that at one point this was someone’s home. That’s what intrigued me the most. I’m curious about the lives of the people that may have lived their lives in the house.

Here’s the entire gallery from today’s trip. Enjoy!

Ripley County, Indiana


One of the best purchases I’ve made for my photography is not a lense or body, it’s my GPS! I love to go out in the country and just “get lost” on the back roads looking for old barns and building to shoot. And with the GPS I just go for it not worrying about getting home.

These shots were taken on a family campout weekend at Clifty Falls State Park in Ripley County, Indiana. I took Saturday when the family was at the pool and hit the road. My main goal was Otter Creek Covered Bridge which I found and shot rather quickly, so I decided to continue on with “getting Lost”.

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

Images of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky


This is a gallery of mixed images from the local area that I have collected. They are from various dates and events with the only they have in common is that I captured them within 10-15 miles from home. There is a real wide variety of images here, everything from the inside of the Hofbrauhaus in Newport to a Balloon Glow at Coney Island.

Take a look at the whole gallery here. Enjoy!

Rabbit Hash General Store


If you’re from the Northern Kentucky or Southern Ohio area you’ve heard of “Rabbit Hash”. A lazy little town on the Ohio River that actually had a dog as it’s mayor for a while.

I have visited Rabbit Has quite a few times, and shot photos on every visit. Here are some shots from my last visit including some detail shots and panoramics of the interior of the store.

Here’s the entire gallery. Enjoy!

I also have a panoramic in the Barns, Barnyards & Country Living Gallery.

Proud Grandpa



None of my kids have really shared my interest in photography. But my grandson Braylen seems to have the “bug” for shooting. Maybe someday we’ll go out on one of my all day Saturday shoots. I’m so proud of him!

The Unappreciated Garden


There’s a home here in Fort Thoams that I’ve heard many people complain about. It’s right on one of the main streets through the middle of town so lots of people see it. Apparently the person that lives there enjoys gardening. The yard is full of plants. It actually does stand out among the other houses along the “avenue”. I have chosen to not show the house because I would hate to have the owners see this post. I have passed this house MANY times and often thought about stopping and shooting it. So on my way to shoot some construction photos at my Church I decided to actually stop and shoot the “Unappreciated Garden”!

Here are are all the photos from my visit. Enjoy!